The Healing Power of Touch

MassageAlone, the healing power of touch has been shown to increase well-being. Massage can have a myriad of further health benefits.

Clients report the melting away of negative thoughts, fears, and stresses when they receive expert rubdowns. Even a short massage has been shown to reduce inflammation, relieving sore muscles.

Proven research, as reported in the Huffington Post, has discovered that muscle tissue post-workout was stimulated by massage, with regenerative effects.

Therapeutic touch in the form of a professional massage uses different smooth gliding or kneading strokes. Since our brains crave sensory input, this can improve our outlook.

An improved outlook can lead to better functioning of the immune system because of lowered stress levels. Lower blood pressure is another achievable outcome with massage.

In a similar way, sessions of massage therapy can help ease cancer treatment.

Who hasn’t experienced back pain at one time or another? A massage can help result in better range of motion and release the body’s natural painkillers, those wonderful endorphins.

Whatever the reason you’re considering massage therapy or have enjoyed it before, these are some health benefits which are perhaps surprising.

Since looking better affects our morale, massage can offer a boost there, too. More vibrant hair and skin are experienced by clients, when massage increases blood flow, bringing oxygen to cells.

Along with a feeling of calm and relaxation after a therapeutic massage session you may also experience increased alertness, a feeling of being relaxed, but at the same time on your toes. As professional athletes know, this is when we perform at our best. When we’re alert but relaxed we can make better, quicker decisions.

What if you feel nervous about getting a massage? You worry that it might hurt, or that you might feel uncomfortable. These concerns are important, and should be discussed with your therapist before beginning treatment. A good therapist will tailor pressure and methods to each person’s needs, putting your mind and body at ease.

Our therapeutic training is utilized in many areas as we practice, including knowledge of body systems, anatomy and physiology, as well as massage assessment and application, all in order to effect improved health.

Remember, ours is a hands-on, helping profession where your comfort and wellness are the ultimate goals.