Alisha Smith 
Diplomat of Asian Bodywork Therapy, NCCAOM Certified; Nutritional Therapy Practitioner; Licensed Massage Therapist.
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Hi, I’m Alisha Smith, founder of Hands On Health Wellness Center. Born and raised in Torrance, California, I’ve lived in Nampa for over 30 years. I’m the mother of ten (yes, I said ten!) children (eight boys and two girls) and a Jack Russell Terrier named Abunnydance. When I take time off, I like to ride my bicycle, hike, ballroom dance, and do Yoga.

My passion: To make a difference in the world by inspiring your purpose

Have you ever noticed how some people continually put others first, but have a very difficult time when it comes to taking care of themselves? They’re exhausted, stressed out, and often overweight. I inspire people to live their lives on purpose and with integrity so that they can enjoy more passion, vitality and freedom. This has a ripple effect that goes out into their families, workplaces, and into our community.

As a child, when I got sick my mother used reflexology on my feet to help hasten my recovery. When I became a mother myself and my son got his TMJ headaches, I got a book and learned about acupressure to relieve his pain. Another time, (over eighteen years ago now), as I was swimming with my children, a child who had slipped on the wet floor was sobbing. This is when I got introduced to the almost instant effect of aromatherapy as I witnessed the calming effects of it on the injured child. This made me want to search for more information about essential oils. Of course, everything I read regarding the oils mentioned massage, so I explored massage too. That led to the discovery of Asian bodywork, the Ammatherapy program and The Wellspring School for Healing Arts.

A lot of things intrigued me about the Amma Program. It tied reflexology, acupressure and essential oils all together for me. Developing my skills in Chinese medicine with Amma, diet therapy, Chinese herbs, holistic nutrition, tai chi, Qi Gong and Yoga, it all became something I wanted to share.

Graduating in 1997, I worked in Boise and Meridian for Relaxation Station. Eighteen months later I joined The Wellspring, where their additional resources were accessed in the form of teachers, the herbal pharmacy and movement classes. Having a passion for continuing education, I enrolled in Swedish massage courses at the Idaho Institute of Holistic Studies. I’ve taken Chinese and Western herb classes, and have certified as a Nutritional Therapist through the Nutritional Therapy Association of Olympia, Washington. I’m also certified in the therapeutic use of essential oils, reflexology, and as a Doula childbirth coach. Additionally, I’ve learned the Onsen Technique for structural bodywork and pain relief. Recently I’ve completed a Whole Foods Nutrition course through The Wellspring.

In 2000, I decided to open Hands On Health in the historic HasBrouck house in my own hometown of Nampa. Over the years, we went beyond Amma Bodywork and Chinese Medicine, adding Swedish massage, detoxifying body wraps, facials, emotional and spiritual counseling and whole foods nutrition. In 2007 we moved to our present location, better accommodating our growing vision. We now have the space to teach Yoga, aromatherapy, whole foods nutrition and meditation.

I want you to get to know me as a person and feel comfortable coming to me with your pain or other body issues. My extensive background, training, and deep passion for what I do all add up to a healing experience.

See why Hands On Health gets consistently positive feedback from our clients. Here, you can rest assured that the services you’ll receive will be among the very best in the Treasure Valley.