New SPA-Procedures in Wellness Center

Wellness Center is one of the most innovative SPA-center with various issues offered to improve your health, mental condition and emotional state. It is not a low-cost affair. If you do not have enough money you are welcome to take payday loan today and visit this center. The list of available procedures are added with:

  • thalassotherapy;
  • hydrotherapy;
  • body peeling;
  • aromatherapy;
  • body wrapping.New SPA-Procedures


This is a complex of procedures based on the effect of seafood on the human body. Thalassotherapy uses sea water, salt, mud, algae, which contain a large number of useful trace elements.

For example, sea water is involved in such procedures as baths with diving, hydromassage, seaweed wraps, cosmetic masks and applications, sea showers. In this case, sea minerals are absorbed into the human skin through the pores. The mud bath is also a very useful procedure: first, you take a warm mud for 10 minutes, then wash it off, take a mineral bath and undergo the steam procedure. In conclusion, you can wrap in a veil with seaweed and leave it to cool.


Hydrotherapy is water procedures that are used to correct a figure, decrease weight, relax the body and prevent diseases of the musculoskeletal system. For example, a tropical shower is a collection of various souls pouring on a person in the form of tiny drops. The water in them is saturated with essential oils and decoctions of medicinal herbs.

Body Peeling

Peeling is the removal of old, dead cells from the skin, as well as various contaminants. It is often recommended to do before a message. Pores during the procedure are opened and cleaned, after which cosmetic products and aroma oils are absorbed into the skin much faster.

There are many types of this SPA-procedure: peeling with the use of mineral salts, peeling with seaweed, moisturizing grape oil, etc.


The healing power of essential oils is known since ancient times. In modern SPA -centers aromatic oils are used together with wraps, massage, hydrotherapy, as well as in separate sessions of aromatherapy.

Body Wrapping

Body wrapping is carried out with the help of various useful substances: algae, honey, chocolate, clay, herbs, therapeutic mud, etc. This procedure can be done both either in the beauty salon or at home.

Each means used for wrapping has its own characteristics and helps achieve excellent results after the course of procedures. You will see the following results:

  • weight reduction;
  • getting rid of cellulite;
  • correction of the figure;
  • absence of swelling;
  • getting rid of stretches on the skin;
  • general tone of the body;
  • removal of toxins from the skin.