Massage & Bodywork

accupressureAt Hands On Health, you can fully relax. Sessions are a full, healing, 60 to 90 minutes with people who are passionate about their craft. We’re aware that our making a difference in your life means you’ll be able better bless your home, business and community; there’s a huge ripple effect, and we see the bigger picture. We never charge extra for advanced massage techniques like Amma Therapy, Onsen or deep tissue. You can request a specific technique, or have your therapist custom-design your treatment.

Amma Bodywork Therapy
A specialized form of skilled touch therapy, deep tissue work is combined with the use of pressure, friction, massage and stimulation to targeted acu-points, muscles, ligaments, joints, and superficial primary and tendino-muscle channels. Rooted in the basic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Amma focuses on the balance and movement of your body’s “Qi” (energy). The goal of Amma technique is to remove blockages and free the flow of that “Qi”. This restores, promotes and maintains optimal health.

Literally translated, “Amma” means “push-pull”, and is a classic 5000-year-old Korean form of Asian bodywork. Practitioners of Amma are additionally trained in the properties of herbs, holistic nutrition and Eastern dietary methods.

Amma bodywork therapy is especially beneficial for those with muscle pain, sprains, trauma, fibromyalgia, diabetes, high blood pressure, sciatica, arthritis, bronchitis, circulatory problems, digestive issues, menopausal symptoms or PMS.

“I’m so thankful I found you and Amma Therapy! My health is returning and I feel FANTASTIC!” Linda Burns

Onsen Bodywork
Used as a method to assess and correct bone and muscle (structural and functional) imbalance in the body that cause pain, Onsen Bodywork utilizes two main components: gentle stretching (Muscle Energy Technique) and cross fiber friction massage. The end result? Long-term pain relief.

“Being able to dress, pull my hair up, sleep without pain…is wonderful. Thank you for bringing the simple things back to me.” Lori Shirley

massage therapySwedish Massage
The most well-known type of massage, the Swedish method uses firm yet gentle pressure to encourage circulation, ease muscular pain and tension, and improve flexibility. Above all, it creates relaxation. Our therapists use massage oils to assist in creating long, smooth, soothing strokes. Swedish massage was the spring board of other types of Western massage, including deep tissue, sports, and aromatherapy.

“Thank you so very much. I feel like a baby…so relaxed. You are the best.” Elizabeth Dembi

Prenatal Massage
With countless benefits for both mother and baby, Prenatal Massage offers tranquil relaxation and stress reduction, but that isn’t all. Muscle cramps are relieved, pain in the lower back, hips and legs are reduced, and blood and lymph circulation are increased (which can reduce swelling and stress on weight-bearing joints). This is done with soft, propped pillows to support mom and growing baby, or on our custom designed pregnancy massage table, so once again mom can lay face down with comfort! Ahhhhh!

“I love going to Hands On Health for my prenatal massage. Oh what a relief it is to lay face down again! They really care about me and my baby. I was given great support for my diet and nutrition. My back and neck pain are gone too!” Joanie Ayotte